This is an attempt to list some of the people I have played with over the years. Many names have links to pages within this site, and some of those pages have links to their related sites. This is really hard to keep up, so please let me know if any links don't work, or if you know of any friends that I might have missed.
Here is the list, in
alphabetical order (I think):

Sterling Renaissance Festival Pub Sing near Oswego, New York:Sterling 38k
Photo by Michael Meagher

  • David Amram
  • Maia Archote
  • As You Like It
  • Axel the Sot
  • Jerry Barry
  • Misti Bernard
  • Bob Bielefeld
  • Rio Blue
  • Bocca Musica
  • Craig (of Farrington) Broers
  • Baj Burinski
  • The Burly Minstrels
  • Cantiga
  • Celtic Stone
  • J. Bradley Collier
  • William F. Cox
  • Crannog
  • Cricket
  • Banjo Jim Croce
  • Brian Cutean
  • Double Indemnity
  • Duke
  • Empty Hats
  • The Freedonian Liberation Orchestra
  • Martha Gay
  • Gibbon the Troubador
  • Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen
  • The Gypsy Guerrilla Band
  • Hey Nunnie Nunnie!
  • Barby Holder
  • Ky Hote
  • Terry Hubbard
  • Joe Jewell
  • Joyce and the Boyce
  • Doug Kondziolka
  • Diane Linn - The Bard O'Neill
  • Gary Mazzu - Demetrius
  • The Merry Minstrels
  • Merry Mischief
  • Michael Marzella
  • The Minstrels of Mayhem (ahem)
  • Owl Morrison
  • New Minstrel Revue
  • New World Renaissance Band
  • Nick Newlin
  • Thomas Nuendel
  • Old Soles
  • The Pyrates Royale
  • Queen Anne's`Lace
  • David Roe (D.R.)
  • Vicki Scuteri
  • Seven Thunders
  • Michelle Shocked
  • Malcolm Smith
  • Leslie Tabor
  • The Adventures Of
  • Three Hams on Rye
  • Peter Treece
  • Rob Yard

    Ringling Museum Medieval Faire opening gate in Sarasota, FL:
    Ringling 38k
    Photo by Sam Pucci

    Scarborough Faire Court Dances, Waxahachie, TX:
    Largo 28k

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