Bob Bielefeld

Bob Bielefeld 32k
Photo by William F. Cox

Bob is the consummate musician . . . great voice, easy-going personality, and a facility with his instrument that is nothing short of astounding. He has played with many musical groups, including the Burly Minstrels, the Merry Minstrels, Sungarden, Cantiga, the New World Renaissance Band, the Gypsy Guerrilla Band, David Amram and too many others to enumerate. His work appears on many albums by the bands mentioned above, as well as two tapes of his own production. "Around the Ancient Oaks" is still available if you write to:

Bob Bielefeld
16257 Grand Flower Dr.
Plantersville, TX   77363

Bob and Jim 15k
Photo by Mark Carboni

Bob and Martha 19k
Bob tape cover 20k
Artwork by Al Felch

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