David Roe (D.R.)

There aren't words enough to properly describe D.R., nor space enough to print them here if there were. He has been alternately described as a consummate interpreter of New Orleans-style blues piano and a knuckle-fingered fashion statement. The only real way to appreciate his true artistry is to head down to the French Quarter, visit Coop's to find out where he is playing that day, and experience D.R. for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

D.R. and I have played together since my first weekend at a renaissance festival, and survived that to become great friends and picking partners ever since. We've collaborated on things musical and theatrical for close to fifteen years now, and can be heard on each other's recent albums. You can learn about his new album and hectic performing schedule by following this link:


D.R. and Laura Roe 22k

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