Cantiga 34k

Cantiga is the quintessential renaissance festival music group. From 12th century dances to 16th century courtly songs, to spirited renditions of Celtic music from all eras, the sounds produced by this band help set the stage for festivals all over the country.

Martha Gay is the backbone of the band, providing the steady chords and rhythms that lay the framework for the improvisational brilliance of the other players. Bob Bielefeld can always be heard soaring above the rest with his fife, flutes and whistles seemingly taking on a life of their own as he leads the listener through a maze of musical quotes and quips. Max Dyer lends his virtuoso cello work to their recordings
, and can be heard playing with the band at some of the Texas festivals. Mark Caudill has a tasteful elegance and impeccable sense of tuning and time signatures, which he brings to the group as the new permanent violinist for the group. He has big shoes to fill (as the late Malcolm Smith graced Cantiga's sound with his phenomenal fiddle work for many years before his untimely death several years ago), and is doing a great job! Their newest member is Conrado "Charry" Garcia, a fabulous multi-instrumentalist from Chile, whose lively rhythms and exotic instruments have added a new excitement to the sound.

Cantiga is also the core of the popular recording group The New World Renaissance Band, with Owain Phyfe interpreting ancient songs from many cultures. They also can be heard on Jim Hancock's latest recording, Sing We Enchanted, and will be featured on his next album, Can't Stop Now.

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