Jim H. says:

"My dear friend Ky has been one of the greatest influences on my music, both in expertise and attitude. He is one of the Kerrville Krew who helped nudge me away from classical music and into folk (now I combine the two in what I do). His ability to turn a phrase (look for a song or two written by Ky on the next Jim Hancock & Friends recording), and his wealth of knowledge about the way chords fit on the guitar never fails to astound me."

Ky shares his love for music with his also talented son Moses and audiences all over Texas and beyond. In addition to me, his musical partners include Owl Morrison, Crannog and Featherstone. Ky is also the web guru who has masterminded this site, with help from me.


Look at his site at:
Ky Hote

This photo shows that the baby Moses was not found in a reed basket after all - it was a big rubber tub!
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