Michelle Shocked
Jim and Michelle in 1987. 20k

The people in the campground at the Kerrville Folk Festival in the early 1980s knew Michelle was destined to be heard. A few years later, she Shocked the folk world and was doing what folk music is all about. Her songs contain great social significance and teach deep and poignant lessons about life and death and the great struggle between, all wrapped up in packages that keep your toe tapping and make you want to hum along, or maybe even sing out loud! She is truly one of the great folk song writers of the latter 20th century. She was (and probably still is) great fun to play with, as well!

The top picture was taken in 1987 on stage at the Kerrville Folk Festival. The photo below was taken ca.1983 outside the Kerrtree Store in the campground. That is Jim's first mandolin, bought on a trip to Mexico the winter before. That is also the back of an early guitar of Jim's. Note the two-toned paint job and multiple brands of scavenged tuners.
Jim and Michelle ca.1983. 21k
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