The Merry Minstrels

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The Merry Minstrels 23k
The Merry Minstrels are:

Bob Bielefeld on flutes and voice,
Leslie Tabor on percussion and voice,
Diane Linn on percussion and voice,
and Jim Hancock on guitar and voice,

with others available.
Singing Christmas songs has always been a part of our lives, and the Merry Minstrels are here to emphasize that point. They know everyone's favorite sing-along songs, and are able to coax even the shyest singer up to help sing. With a vast repertoire of seasonal songs from all time periods, they are sure to please the most demanding Christmas crowds. They perform several spanish-language carols, as well as Hanukkah favorites. They can play entirely instrumental sets when called for, and can add additional players as the situation warrants. Harp, double bass, trumpet and mandolin are some of the optional instruments on tap.

Whatever size or style of function,
Be it an intimate retirement home,
a large corporate affair,
or a fun holiday party with friends,
the Merry Minstrels are there
to add life and fun to the mix!

For information on bookings, please call:
Leslie Tabor at:
936-894-3283 or
800-653-1229 ext.11
or write to:
The Merry Minstrels
16257 Grand Flower Dr.
Plantersville, TX 77363
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