Peter Treece &

The Adventures Of

Jim and Pete have been jamming for over twenty years now. His current band, The Adventures Of, has been rocking audiences for six years in the Austin environs and beyond. They have five CDs available, with Syd Straw singing on several, and Robert Walp of the Houston Symphony Orchestra blowing trumpet on their latest, with Michael Weimar starring on all of them on bass. Lead singer and songwriter Brook Meggs, from Sudbury, Mass, regularly flies in for the performances. Mayor Michael Ledbetter (not shown) of Carpenteria, CA, has been taking time off from his civic duties to join the band on keyboards for the last year. Peter Treece and drummer Perry Banty have been jamming at Ruta Maya and beyond with such Austin luminaries as the likes of Bonner Sawyer, Barry Stanbaugh, Kirby Prewitt and Kent Cole. The Adventures Of tours all over the world, so keep an eye on local listings! When Jim is in Texas, look for him at local shows, trying to keep up with these guys while playing his electrified acoustic mandolin.
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