Malcolm Smith
Malcolm's Tequila Face 30k
What can I say about Malcolm Smith that hasn't been said already? A consummate performer with a twinkle in his eye for any pretty girl who would listen, Malcolm helped get me accepted at renaissance festivals, since he already knew me from the Kerrville Folk Festival. Founding member of Cantiga and constant jam partner, he was one of the only people I've ever known that could jam longer than I and still want more. One night many years ago, when I was too tired to jam, Malcolm went over to where an old hound dog was tied, got to screeching on his fiddle until the dog started howling, then proceeded to play harmonies with the critter. Now that's a jamaholic. I will always miss you, bro.

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Malcolm Smith

This photo was taken by Cheryl Zimmerman on Malcolm's last performance day.
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