These crazy Spaniards have been delighting audiences all over the country for over twenty years now with their zany, high-powered combination of swordfighting and comedy. Their rapier wit and their uncanny ability to tap into what the audience is thinking make for the funniest form of improvisational comedy you'll ever see. With more shows in their repertoire than times to perform in a typical renaissance festival day, people keep coming back to see what new antics Don Juan and Miguel will provide them. Miguel (Doug Kondziolka) also can be heard on some of Jim Hancock's recordings.

Learn more at their fabulous website:

I helped them with their new independent film project:
Don Juan and Miguel in The Lost Princess
as well as their first cinematic effort:
Don Juan and Miguel in The Tale of El Gusano
for more information, please visit:

Blind Dog Entertainment

Don Juan and Miguel

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