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March 1, 2011
The season has opened at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival, where the warmth of the weather is only exceeded by the warmth of the fans! I will be here for five more weekends, ending on April 3rd, when I will head to Scarborough Renaissance Festival. It looks like I will be at the same festivals this year as last: Here in Tampa, Scarborough, Sterling, six weekends of Pennsylvania, and my final Renaissance Festival of the year: TRF. I am very thankful for all of my fans who have made it possible for me to make a living doing what I love. Thank you all!
I am also grateful for all of my friends and fans who have helped and will continue to help me through this rather trying period in my life. Thank you for your patience.
Speaking of patience, work continues apace at my studio/house in Virginia. Wood floors are installed in two rooms, and those two rooms will be trimmed and finished within the next few weeks. I finally added some pictures to the Studio Photo album. Follow the link to the left called "Photos - This Millenium" and then follow the link to the studio.
I also have a new album out, somewhat lost in the shuffle. It is a departure from my norm, in that it is simply me singing with a guitar, no tricks or additions. I have been asked for something like this for years, and have finally responded. I went with the eco-friendly cardboard sleeve style packaging, which is actually more expensive than the bulky plastic jewel cases that everyone breaks or throw out, anyway. Of course, it is a three-fold case with all the lyrics crammed into it!
It is available at CDBaby, by following the link:

Jim Hancock: Himself

It is available at my live shows, which is the best way to show your support. I get to see you and feel your appreciation, and I don't have to pay a middleman.
I hope to see and sing with all of you soon. Here's to a smooth and easy year for all!

December 12, 2010
It is with great sadness that I must announce the death of my father, Denis Calvin Hancock (August 21, 1929 - December 10, 2010).
This is from my nephew, Liam Hancock: "He was the man who made me strong, the man i wanted to be like, who was a man like others should be like who made my dad the strong man he is who gave me the family i love so dear. the strongest man who served his country and God so devoutly. i wanted nothing more than to fill his shoes and be the man he was. Rest in peace grandpa......Denis Hancock Sr. rest in peace i love you and miss you dearly"
I could not have said it better.
Thanks, Liam!

June 25, 2010
I will be playing this Monday (June 28th) from 6-10 p.m. at O'Connors' Main Street Pub in lovely downtown Fair Haven, outdoors (weather permitting) on the patio. I will be mixing up the repertoire with folk, jazz, rock-n-roll, and whatever songs people request (providing I know them, of course).
Visit www.oconnors-pub.com for more information.
This is my first solo bar gig in ages, so it should be a lot of fun.
Come on out and Sing Along!

January 14, 2010
I guess it has been some time since last I wrote in this space. There has been much water passing under that rusty old bridge, including many of my tears. My mother, Ruth Hammond Hancock, passed away peacefully and in her sleep last July, leaving

a huge void in my life.

I will always miss her, and she was already who I dedicate most of my music to. I may have my voice from Dad, but my musicianship came from Mom.

Then, just as I was thinking that the holiday season would be merely melancholy, my housemate from Austin, Charley Nemanick, took ill and passed away in the hospital just after twenty of his closest friends left his ICU room. Well, he never was one to leave while the party was still happening. We held a memorial, and about 150 friends showed up to show their love and support. Not bad for a man who had no known blood family. We Austin/Kerrville types were and are his family.

This is not to say all is sad. I am currently ensconced in upstate New York, recording the next Hey Nunnie Nunnie CD, which is always a fun time. My studio/house in Virginia passed its inspections this year and is almost completely finished on the outside (years to go on the inside). The latest Blind Dog movie, I SENSE DANGER, is nearly completed merely three and a half years after shooting was finished (now I see why movies take so long). I think that I will be at all the same shows I performed at last year. Life is good.

Here's to smoother sailing ahead!

March 31, 2009
The debut of Renaissance Karaoke was a rousing success! My thanks to all the singers who braved the stage and shared their voices with all. Special kudos go to Angie, Jennifer and young Emily for doing a great job on both days. I am off to Texas to play at Scarborough Faire, where we will try it at 4:00 every day.
I will be visiting Mom and Dad on the way.
On a more somber note, my old and dear friend Sam Pucci (Skully the Pirate) passed on last Wednesday. He was the classic Curmudgeon with a Heart of Gold, and will be missed by many. Arrgghhh!!!!

March 25, 2009
Hey, Friends!
Due to the rather overwhelming response, Renaissance Karaoke will make its debut at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival at MOSI this weekend only, March 28 and 29, at 2:00 at the Swan Stage. Bring your voice, your ears and your enthusiasm to the festival, and let's have some fun!

March 20, 2009
Hey, Friends,
This year I will be combining my knowledge of a bunch of Renaissance Festival Songs with my accompaniment skills at Scarborough Faire. Every day at the King's Pub at 4 pm, I will host Renaissance Karaoke!
I have more than twenty songs ready for you to read, and will provide a microphone, so everyone can hear you. On a very small tangent - anyone know where I can find a rubber Turkey Leg?
I will attempt to find your key and play the guitar while you sing. I might even sing along, if that works out. It should be a lot of fun!
If I don't have the words, we'll probably just fake it, anyway! So grab a drink, and bring your voice, your enthusiasm and a sense of humor to the King's Pub every day at 4 in the afternoon for Renaissance Karaoke!

March 6, 2009
Well, I finally added some pictures to the Renaissance Festival Gallery!

March 4, 2009
Still in Florida, moved into the very laid-back artist community of Gulfport. I already had enough time to get the lyrics to the songs on the new album posted here on the website! Maybe I'll finally get some pictures posted (well, let's not get hasty about this). Tonight I get to play with Vicki Scuteri at an open mic somewhere in St. Petersburg. It should be a bunch of fun. Also, I will be playing bass with Empty Hats at Skipper's Smokehouse next Tuesday (March 10). Check out the Gig Page for details.
I'll be at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival for four more weekends, through March. I get to play and sing with some great musicians, including Cantiga, The New Minstrel Review, Michael Marzella and many more.
Come on out and Sing Along!

February 24, 2009
I am in Florida now, basking in the rather cool weather and attending my friend Jerry Lee's memorial. He was a cantankerous old coot who was responsible in many ways for my working at renaissance festivals.
Also, I finally updated the progress pics from my studio/house.

The Year is booked!
I finally have the year firmed up, and the good news is that I will be back at all my favorite festivals! check out the gig page for details.

Jan 11, 2009
The new Jim Hancock and the Burly Pyrates CD, Blood On The Boards, is finally available for purchase through the internet. Follow the link, and Enjoy!!!


Dec. 16th, 3:00 p.m. One Set Only
The Merry Minstrels have a rare public appearance! Diane Linn (the Bard O’Neill), Bob Bielefeld (Cantiga) and Jim Hancock (the Burly Minstrel) will combine for holiday merriment for the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau Holiday Open House in the Rotunda of Houston’s City Hall. We will only play one short (40 minute) set, so don’t be late! Merry Christmas!

December 5, 2008
Well, another renaissance season has come and gone, with new friends met, old friends passed, projects completed and/or continued, and the promise of another great year next year.
I finally released a new album of Sea Songs, called "Blood on the Boards" that should be available through cdbaby soon.
The stairs are installed at my studio/house. So is most of the plumbing and almost all the wiring, which makes me almost ready for the next round of inspections.
TRF had another record year at almost 420 thousand patrons!
The new stage at Pennsylvania worked great for Bob Bielefeld and I (the original Burly Minstrels).
Sterling survived some nasty weather (including hail!), and the new Sterling management looks like they're in it for the long haul (whew!).
Scarborough was great fun, with new stagemates, the Rambling Sailors, singing harmonies and helping to liven up the King's Pub.
I hope the circle completes itself this coming spring with the Bay Area show in Tampa, where I get to play with the likes of Michael Marzella and Vicki Scuteri!
For now, the Merry Minstrels Christmas season has started with a dizzying ride to the 60th floor of a downtown office building to share in the bailout (we played for a bank office party). Booking is a little slow so far this year (economy?), but we hope to get a few more by the the 25th.
When I am not donning the top hat and tailcoat for a trip to town, I am recording the score for the next Don Juan and Miguel movie, "I Sense Danger." Mixing is next, with a scheduled (read: hoped for) release for the Arizona show.
As y'all can see, I have a certain lack of free time. Oh, well. At least I love what I do!
We lost a few of our shining lights this year. Besides Odetta and a few you may have heard of, I would like to mention Patti McKenny, a Chicago playwright who helped get me my first directing job at a festival many, many years ago. We'll miss you, Patti. See you on the Veranda!
Happy Holidays. Stay Healthy. I hope to see all of you next year, and to hear your voices ringing out at my sets!

August 12, 2008
Hey, Friends!
It's been a while, but . . . well I'm lazy, let's face it! A lot has happened - I got thrown in the dunk pond last Saturday, which was a blast. For those who are worried, the guitar was an old one that Miguel learned to play on. It was in such bad shape that we had to superglue it together for the day. All I remember before I hit the water is a loud, collective, "GASP!" from the audience. Thanks to Miguel, for the guitar and to Beth Ann for the new doublet, which made the whole bit possible.
In other news, my new album is not quite ready yet. Soon. Refer to the first statement regarding laziness. However, the new Lance Proton and the Space Battalion of Justice CD is available! I'll post the info as soon as I get it.
Thanks always to the great fans here at Sterling. You make me feel so relaxed and comfortable, and are always ready to laugh and play along. Thanks to Duke and Celtic Spirits and Barby Holder and Kevin for coming to my sets and keeping it fun.
One more weekend! (I think I'll try to stay dry).

March 11, 2008
Gulfport is a strangely cool artist community tucked away inside a fairly rough neighborhood of St. Pete. Tonight, we found out about a monthly jam/performance nearby, and it was like stepping into a rainbow gathering on a tiny scale, except with electrified music. Ky Hote, Peter Suarez and i sat in played a few tunes toward the end of the early (eleven) ending. It was really a lot of fun, then we all (well, Ky and Beth Ann) got tired, so I am back at the computer to wind down from performing. Life Is Good!!

February 29, 2008
Since I rarely seem to add to this journal, I couldn't resist writing on a day that only occurs every four years! I am currently in northern Florida visiting Jerry Barry and Carol Black, two of my dearest friends for over twenty years now. Today I move into a flat in Gulfport, which is a sleepy little artist community/oasis in the rather intimidating cityscape that is the Tampa/St. Pete area. I will be there for the month of March, while I perform at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival near the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa. I just spent two and a half weeks at my land in Virginia, mostly running electric wires. Check out the new pictures in the gallery (be sure to scroll all the way to the right for the new ones - there are a bunch in that gallery by now). With a few more wiring days, Two or three days for plumbing, and a staircase to finish, we are close to ready for the first major round of inspections! Then the work really begins!

August 13, 2007
I just looked at the website, and noticed that my last posting (June 30) didn't get uploaded. Oops! Sterling has been a bunch of fun, as well as lots of work, what with the drastically reduce company and staff. The fans are as great as ever, there have been weddings and funerals, and the dance of life goes on! Follow the link to the new studio building, and check out the progress there. Thanks again for your wonderful friendship and support!

June 30, 2007
I spent two wonderful weeks working my fingers off in Virginia. I now have a small understanding of just how much work goes into building a structure, especially when it is not just a square box! As before, check out the new pictures at the Gallery. I also mentioned the new CD by Celticopia, a group that I have the honor of performing with on occasion. It is now available for purchase through CD Baby, as well as by download through Digstation. For now, I am at Sterling Renaissance Festival, rehearsing and singing and getting ready for opening next Saturday. See y'all there!

June 5, 2007
Kerrville was fabulous, Scarborough ended with a rainy but fun weekend, and I am ready to head to Virginia to put some work in on my new studio house! The new album by Celticopia (Vicki Scuteri, Gary Mazzu and myself) is available for download at Digstation.com. Check it out!

May 9, 2007
Scarborough started with snow! It has settled into the hot muggy afternoons we all have come to know here in Texas. The shows have been fun, and the jams are the best ever! There is so much talent in the world, it's hard to contain it all. Anyway, work has progressed at the studio, so check out the new pictures to see why Jim is constantly looking for more work! (any body know any good Wednesday gigs in the Sterling area for the summer?) As always, thank you for your support, and look for an album out soon by Celticopia (Vicki Scuteri and Gary Mazzu) that I helped record. I also played bass and sang on the project. It was a lot of fun, and as soon as I know the internet link to get one, I'll post it.

April 5, 2007
Back in Texas! After a dizzyingly busy time in Florida, I have returned to the laid-back land of Texas for another fun run at Scarborough Faire. I am currently in Houston visiting Mom and Dad, and have just received the latest batch of pictures from Virginia. The basement/studio is framed in, with the main floor decking installed. It looks great!

March 20, 2007
The Turning Stone Casino treated us like rock stars, and the fans were fabulous! My favorite moment was when I was asked to sing "Danny Boy" from the big stage, and the whole place (including the crafts booths) hushed up to listen. I am glad to be back in the warm south, though. Big news on the home/studio front: The wood has arrived, the hammers have started swinging, and I hope to have a house by the middle of May! I put four pictures from yesterday at the end of the row of my Studio Gallery. Check 'em out!

March 12, 2007
The weather was perfect this weekend past; sun shining and everyone out to have a good time. The fans here in Tampa are great fun and love to play! This weekend, Empty Hats and I will be flying to New York for a couple of days at the Turning Stone Casino's St. Patrick's Day celebration. Check out my page at myspace for more details.


February 28, 2007
Scottish weekend was well attended and fun, and now I find myself waiting for a jam session tonight that will feature some of my favorite friends - Ky Hote, John Dawson, Jerry Barry and Bob Bielefeld, to name just a few of the many that should be there. The big news is that Sterling is now booked, and that Ky helped me set up a myspace.com site for jimhancockandfriends. Check it out and be a friend!

February 19, 2007
Opening weekend in Tampa was cold, but fun. Singing with Barby Holder and Empty Hats is truly a joy, and the fans here are great (and sturdy, to brave the weather)!
I have just finished updating the "Studio" section of the website, with new equipment and a link to the photo gallery of the studio/house building.

February 15, 2007
After spending most of January in Houston helping my parents move and preparing the Don Juan and Miguel movie "The Lost Princess" for distribution, I finally got to spend a week at my land in Virginia, preparing for the building of the studio and house. I left yesterday after a dangerously beautiful ice storm that left the hills and trees covered in sparkling crystalline formations that glittered and danced in the sunlight. I am now in Tampa, preparing for the opening of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival on Saturday and listening to the locals complain that it is under sixty degrees. What a difference a day makes!

Dec 23, 2006
The holiday season winds down and finds me with two Merry Minstrels gigs left, including one on Christmas Eve! This year was not as busy as last, but was a lot of fun (as always), and next year looks to be more full than ever! I have posted some of the shows I will definitely be doing next year, and marked the ones that look positive as "Pending."
I want to thank each and every one of you for your great support through the last year. I wish you all a safe, healthy and wonderful winter, and will raise a song in your honor when we meet again in 2007!

Dec 18, 2006
Hello, Friends!
Jim Hancock here, testing out the new section on the front page. I will be adding links to new stuff here, making announcements, etc.
Look for more info soon!