I am a sailor stout and bold; long time I've plowed the ocean,
I've fought for King and country, too; won honor and promotion,
I said, "My brother sailor, I bid you adieu; no more to the sea will I go with you,
I'll travel the country through and through, and I'll be a rambling sailor."

If you should want to know my name, my name, it is young Johnson,
I've got permission from the King to court young girls, and handsome,
I said, "My dear, what will you do? Here's ale and wine and brandy, too,
Besides a pair of fine silk shoes, to travel with a rambling sailor."

The King's permission granted me to range the country over,
From Bristol Town to Liverpool; from Plymouth Sound to Dover,
And in whatever town I went, to court young maidens I was bent,
To marry none was my intent; but live a rambling sailor.

D Major (3:06)
Bob Bielefeld flute, voice
Jim Hancock guitar, voice

As performed on the recordings:
This is the Chorus and
Rolling Home

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