This is the Chorus
by the
Burly Minstrels
1. Cuckolds All A Row
2. Ramblin' Sailor
3. The Gobby-o
4. Fiddler's Green
5. Gathering Peascods
6. The Star of the County Down
7. The Mouse Dance
8. This is the Chorus
9. The King of the Fairies
10. Waking Up Next To You
11. The Nutting Girl
12. The Rocky Road to Dublin /
The Barony Jig

13. The Mermaid
14. Skillywidden
15. The Horses Brawl
16. Here's a Health to the Company

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Produced by Jim Hancock
and Bob Bielefeld

with special guest Michael Marzella
all songs traditional except:
Waking Up Next To You (Mike Williams)
and Skillywidden (Malcolm Smith)
artwork by William F. Cox

dedicated to the memory of Malcolm Smith

Available on CD or cassette, click here if you want a copy
This recording was done completely "live" with no fancy recording tricks - just good equipment and fun playing! This is the first release to be partly recorded by
jimusic Mobile Digital Studios
Just like a Burly Minstrels concert!
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