Last Hogmany in Glesca' Fair, me and meself and several mair,
Al gaed off tae hae a wee tear, and spend the night in Rothsay-o,
We started off frae Broomie-law, both hail and sleet and rain and snaw,
Forty minutes after twa, we got the length of Rothsay-o.

A-durum a do a do a day, a durum a do a daddy-o,
Durum a do a do a day, the night we went to Rothsay-o.

In search of lodgings we did slide, to get a place where we could hide,
There were just eighty-twa of us inside, in a single room in Rothsay-o,
We all lay doon to get our ease, when someone happened for to sneeze,
Which wakened half a million fleas, in a single room in Rothsay-o. chorus

There were several different types of bugs, some had feet like dyer's clugs,
They stood on the bed and cocked their lungs, and cried, "Hurrah for Rothsay-o!"
"Oh, no!" says I, "We'll have to 'lope," so we went and joined the Band of Hope,
But the sheriff would not let us stop, another night in Rothsay-o chorus

As performed on the recording:
Good Companions

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