Jim Hancock and Friends
Good Companions

Produced by Jim Hancock featuring
the Gypsy Guerrilla Band,
the Burly Fredonian
Men's Chorus,
A Faire Falderal,
Bob Bielefeld,

Malcolm Smith,
Gibbon the Troubador,
and Doug Kondziolka
artwork by Jim Nelson
layout by Jim Hancock

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Good Companions tape cover 35k
1. Irish Washerwoman
2. Molly Malone
3. Farewell Tae Tarwathie
4. The Maid Behind the Bar
*5. Maid of Amsterdam
6. Wild Rover
7. O'Carolan's Receipt for Drinking
8. Rothsay-O
9. Drops O' Brandy / Little Beggarman
/ Red Haired Boy
10. Good Companions
11. All For Me Grog / Loch Lomond
12. Wearin' O' The Green
13. Londonderry Air / Danny Boy
14. One Bottle More
*15. Wild Mountain Thyme
+15. The Parting Glass
16. Whiskey Before Breakfast

*CD bonus tracks
+Tape bonus track
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