The Little Beggarman

I am a little beggarman and beggin' I have been, threescore or more in the little Isle O'Green,
And I'm known from the Liffee on down to Segu, and I'm known by the name of old Jonny-dhu.
Of all the trades a-goin', sure a-beggin' is the best; for when a man is tired, he can sit him down and rest,
Beg for his supper when there's nothing more to do, or sit around the fire in his old rig-a-do.

A-durum a do a do a day, a durum a do a daddy-o,
Durum a do a do a day, the night we went to Rothsay-o.

I slept one night in a barn in Clarabon; went naked, man, and I slept until the dawn,
Holes in the roof and the rain a-peekin' thru, and the cats and the rats all a-playin' peek-a-boo.
Who should awaken, but the woman of the house, in a whit spotted apron and a calico blouse,
She began to frighten, so I said, "Boo! Don't be afraid, ma'am, it's only Jonny-dhu."

I met a little flaxy-haired girl one day, "Good morning, little flaxy-haired girl." I did say,
"Good morning, little beggarman, and how do you do, with your rags and your tags and your old rig-a-do?
"I'll buy a pair of stockings and a collar and a tie, and a ight fine lady I'll fetch by and by,
I'll buy ye a pair of goggles and we'll color them blue, and an old-fashioned lady I'll make of you!"

Well, it's over the fields with me pack on me back, over the hills with me great heavy sack,
Holes in me shoes, me toes a-peekin' through; skin-a-wrinkle-do, it's old Jonny-dhu,
I must be goin' to bed, for it's getting late at night; the fire's all rigged, out goes the light,
Now you know the story of the old rig-a-do; "Good night, and God be with you," says old Jonny-dhu.

As performed on the recording:
Good Companions

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