Waking Up Next To You
by Mike Williams

This morning I studied your face on the pillow, and the soft, sleepy curl of your hand,
Daylight came dancing, lighter than feathers, through feelings I'm not sure if I understand,
And it came to me quick, like thunder and lightning; it came to me peaceful and true,
That I hope to be spending the rest of my mornings waking up next to you.

There's a bird at the window, he's singing his heart out; I know just how that bird feels,
There's a ship on the ocean, riding the tide out, with a cargo of love from its mast to its keel.
In the still of he dawn I am swept with these feelings, with no one to tell them to,
'Til you open your eyes, and a new day's a-dawning, waking up next to you.

Most of my life, I've been running in circles, chasing that old brass ring.
I wouldn't know what to do if I caught it; it's not half as fine as the smile that you bring,
Or a touch in the night from a friend and a lover; a dream on a star or two,
Or the way that I feel first thing in the morning, waking up next to you.

E Major
Bob Bielefeld flute
Jim Hancock guitar, voice

As performed on the recording:
This is the Chorus

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