Ringa Dinga Da

In the town of Bally Bay, a lassie, she was dwelling,
I knew her very well, from the stories she was telling.
Her father ran a still, he was a good distiller,
But when she went to drink, why, an ocean wouldn't fill her!

With me ringa dinga da, ringa dinga daddy-o,
Ringa dinga da, whack fol the daddy-o.

She said she wouldn't dance until she had her wellies on,
But when she had 'em on, she danced as well as anyone.
Wouldn't go to bed until she had her shimmy on,
But when she had it on, why, she'd go to bed with anyone! chorus

She had a wooden leg, it was hollow in the middle,
She tied it with a string, and she played it like a fiddle
She fiddled in the hall, she fiddled in the alleyway,
She didn't care at all, 'cause she had the fiddle anyway. chorus

She courted day and night, every Tom, Dick and Harry,
She'd lovers by the score, but she said she'd never marry.
Then she fell in love with a fellow with a stammer,
He tried to run away, but she hit him with a hammer. chorus

She led a simple life, kept a cabin and went boating,
She terrorized her man, 'til he up and died quite sudden.
When he passed away, she was feeling kind of sorry,
She rolled him in a bag, and she threw him in the quarry! chorus

As performed on the recording:
Sing We Enchanted

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