Farewell and adieu, to you, Spanish ladies,
Farewell and adieu, to you daughters of Spain,
For we've received orders for to sail for old England,
But we hope in a short time to see you again.

We'll rant and we'll roar, like true English sailors,
We'll rant and we'll roar, all along the salt sea,
Until we strike soundings in the channel of old England,
From Ushant to Scilly be thirty-five leagues.

We hove our ships to, with the wind from southport,
We hove our ships to, deep soundings to take,
We've forty-five fathoms with a white sandy bottom,
So we squared our main yard and up channel did make. chorus

Now the signal was made for the grand fleet to anchor,
All on the Downs, that night for to lie,
Haul up your shankpainter, stand to your clewgarnets!
Cut loose your catstoppers; let tack and sheets fly! chorus

Now let ev'ry man drink off his full bumper,
Let ev'ry man drink off his full glass,
We'll drink and be jolly, and drown melancholy,
And here's to the health of each true-hearted lass! chorus

A Minor (2:48)
Jim Lillquist hammered dulcimer
Joyce Lillquist autoharp
Bob Bielefeld fife
Jim Hancock guitar, acoustic bass guitar, voice
The Burly Fredonian Men's Chorus:
Garold Amadon, Jerry Barry, Bob Bielefeld, Ty Billings,
Fred James, Doug Kondziolka, David Massengale

As performed on the recordings:
Bedlam Boys and
Rolling Home

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