Rolling home, rolling home, rolling home across the sea,
Rolling home to dear old England, rolling home, dear land, to thee.

Up aloft, amid the riggin’, swiftly blows the favoring gale,
Strong as springtime in its blossom, filling out each bending sail.

And the waves we leave behind us, seem to murmur as they rise,
We have tarried here to bear you, to that land you dearly prize. chorus

Full ten thousand miles behind us, and a thousand miles before,
Ancient ocean waves to waft us, to those well-remembered shores.

Newborn breezes swell to send us, to our childhood’s welcome skies,
To the land of friendly faces, and the glance of loving eyes. chorus

G Major (3:56)
Gary Mazzu guitar, voice
Jim Hancock acoustic bass guitar, mandolin, voice
The Burly Fredonian Men's Chorus:
Michael Marzella, Doug Kondziolka,
Eddie Jeff Cahill

As performed on the recording:
Rolling Home

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