Heel ya ho, boys, let her go, boys,
Heave her head ‘round into the weather,
Heel ya ho, boys, let her go, boys,
Sailin’ homeward to Mingulay.

What care we though white the Minch is,
What care we for wind or weather,
Let her go, boys, every inch is,
Sailin’ homeward to Mingulay. chorus

Wives are waiting by the pier head,
Or looking seaward from the heather,
Pull her ‘round, boys, then you’ll anchor,
’Ere the sun sets on Mingulay. chorus

Ships return now, heavy laden,
Mothers holdin’ bairns a-cryin’,
They’ll return though, when the sun sets,
They’ll return to Mingulay. chorus

F Major (3:45)
The Burly Fredonian Men's Chorus:
Michael Marzella, Bob Bielefeld, Doug Kondziolka,
Nelson James, Gary Mazzu, Burl Boblefeld,
Eddie Jeff Cahill, Jim Hancock

As performed on the recording:
Rolling Home

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