Well, in fifteen-hundred and twenty-one,
I put me courtly breeches on, I put me courtly breeches on,
To work for old King Henry.

Fil-a-me-or-i-or-i-ay, Fil-a-me-or-i-or-i-ay,
Fil-a-me-or-i-or-i-ay, workin' for old King Henry.

In fifteen-hundred and twenty-two, I left the old world for the new,
Bad says to the luck that brought me through, to work . . . chorus1

In fifteen-hundred and twenty-three,
'Twas then I met sweet Biddy McGee,
Finest wife she's been to me, . . . . chorus1

In fifteen-hundred and twenty-five,
'Twas then I felt more dead than alive, . . . . chorus1

In fifteen-hundred and thirty-seven,
Sweet Biddy McGee, she went to heaven,
If she left one kid, she left eleven, to work . . . chorus1

What you gonna do with a drunken sailor? (3X)
Early in the morning?

Way, hey, up she rises; (3X), early in the morning.

You shave his belly with a rusty razor, (3X) early in the morning. chorus2

Put him in a longboat 'til he's sober . . . . chorus2

You throw him in the bilge and you make him drink it . . . . chorus2

Put him in a cabin with the captain's daughter . . . . chorus2

Well, you've never seen the captain's daughter . . . . chorus2

Well, that's what you do with a drunken sailor . . . . chorus2

Well it's, "Pat do this, and Pat do that," without me stocking or cravat,
Nothing but an old plume hat, while working for old King Henry. chorus1, chorus2

F# Minor (4:23)
Gary Mazzu guitar, voice
Jim Hancock acoustic bass guitar, voice
The Burly Fredonian Men's Chorus:
Michael Marzella, Doug Kondziolka,
Bob Bielefeld, Nelson James, Eddie Jeff Cahill

As performed on the recording:
Rolling Home

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