That Was The Day
by J. Bradley Collier

I’d sail across the sea, if I thought that you would be,
Waiting there on the other side for me,
Oh, my dear, you know I would, if you’d only say I should,
Come back home and make you mine for good
On the day I sailed away, I asked if you would stay,
Here beside the shore and wait the year,
But you wouldn’t look at me, and you’d only say “we’ll see,”
And that was the day I gained a taste for beer.

It started me to drinking, to alleviate my thinking,
All my pondering and philosophical doubt,
That keep running through my head, won’t let me get to bed,
So for sleeping at all I’ve taken to passing out.

“You’re being unrealistic, you’re surely a statistic,”
Said the boys on the boat once we were out to sea,
“The odds are pretty bad she’ll only make you sad,
And you have only just to wait and see.”
Well, the boys were so depressin’,
Saying that I would learn my lesson,
That I’d get over it and I would soon be fine,
But by then I wasn’t sure of anything anymore,
And that was the day I gained a taste for wine.

I’d hoped you’d come around, once my ship had left the sound,
That in your heart a yearning love would be found,
But I guess wishes made by fools have a way of breaking the rules,
That keep wishes from becoming dangerous tools,
‘Cause on the day I got your letter,
I thought that things had gotten better,
But it soon left me just wanting to go numb,
For it seems you’ve met brother, and he loves you like no other,
And that was the day I gained a taste for rum.

. . . Since my dreams are all gone,
For sleeping at all I’ve taken to passing out.

key of G (2:51)
Jim Hancock - bass, lead voice
J. Bradley Collier - guitar, voice
Jerry Barry - voice

As performed on the recording:
Jim Hancock and Friends - Blood On The Boards

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