Pull, Boys, Pull
by Jerry Barry, J. Bradley Collier and Jim Hancock

I’ve heard the lark in the morning, the midnight whippoorwill,
I’ve seen the stones stacked end to end while climbing up Salisbury Hill,
I’ve seen that big wall in China, and I sailed twice ‘round the Horn.
But nowhere compares to the hills where I was born.

So it’s pull, boys, pull, though your fingers are blistered and sore.
There are thousands of miles of ocean behind, a few hundred more to the shore,
And it’s pull, boys, pull, for our lives are only on loan,
So ignore the Blood on the Boards and the ache in your bones, ‘cause we’re going home.

Icelandic girls are nice and warm, Greenland girls are cold,
A French girl puts her arms around, and then proves hard to hold.
This crew and I have sailed the world, they fall for each girl they see,
But none can compare with the woman who’s waiting for me.

There’s saki and ouzo, cider and gin, rum is the choice of the crew,
China drinks tea, Ireland drinks whiskey, each country has its own brew,
The Russians have vodka, the French love their wine, the Germans are famous for beer,
None tastes as sweet as the waters of home, so cold and so clear.

I’ve heard pipers at sunset, gypsy violins at dawn,
I’ve sung with the men as we sat at the oars,
When the wind in our sails was gone.
String quartets, minuets, I’ve heard great symphonies played,
But none can compare to the song she hums softly,
As she goes through her day.

key of A (5:37)
Jim Hancock – bass, voice
Jerry Barry – guitar, voice
J. Bradley Collier – voice

As performed on the recording:
Jim Hancock and Friends - Blood On The Boards

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