High Barbary

Look ahead, look astern, look the weather and the lee,
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we.
I see a wreck to windward and a lofty ship to lee,
A sailing down all on the coast of High Barbary

O are you a pyrate or a man-o-war? cried we.
Blow high! Blow low! And so sailed we.
O no! I'm not a pyrate, but a man-o-war, cried he.
A sailing down all on the coast . . .

Then back up your topsails and heave your vessel to,
For we have got some letters to be carried home by you.

We’ll back up our topsails and heave our vessel to,
But only in some harbor and along the side of you.

For broadside, for broadside they fought all on the main,
Until at last the pyrate shot the frigate's mast away.

For quarters! For quarters! The saucy frigate cried,
The quarters that we showed them was to sink them in the tide.

With cutlass and gun, O they fought for hours three,
Their ship it was their coffin and their grave it was the sea.

But O, It was a cruel sight, and grieved us, full sore,
To see them all a drowning as they tried to swim for shore.

Look ahead . . .

key of em (2:40)
Jim Hancock – guitar, bass, voice
The Burly Pyrates – Charles Murray, Gary Mazzu, Gregg Csikos,
T. M. Demetrius, Douglas Scott Kondziolka

As performed on the recording:
Jim Hancock and Friends - Blood On The Boards

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