Whiskey In The Jar

As I was goin' over the Kilmakenny Mountains,
I net with Captain Farrell, and my money, he was countin'
I pulled forth me pistol, and then produced me rapier,
Sayin', "Stand and deliver, for I am a bold deceiver."

With me whack fol the riddle all the day,
Whack fol the daddy-o, whack fol the daddy-o,
There's whiskey in the jar.

Well, I counted up me money, and it made a pretty penny,
So I took it with me home, and I gave it to me Jenny,
She sighed and she swore that she never would betray me,
But divil take that woman, for she never could be easy. chorus

I went into me chambers, all for to take a slumber,
I dreamt of gold and jewels and for sure, it was no wonder.
But Jenny took me pistols and she filled them up with water;
Called on Captain Farrell to get ready for the slaughter. chorus

Now, when I was awakened, between six and seven,
Guards were all around me, in numbers odd and even.
I pulled forth me pistols, 'cause she'd stolen away me rapiers,
But I could not shoot the water, so a prisoner I was taken. chorus

You know, they threw me in that jail without judge or writin,
For robbin Captain Farrell o'er on the Kilmakenny Mountain.
But they didn't take me fists, so I Knocked the sentry down,
And bid a fond farewell to the jail in Sligo Town. chorus

Now, some takes delight in the fishin' and the bowlin',
And others takes delight in their carriages a-rollin'.
I takes delight in the juice of the barley,
And lovin' pretty women in the mornin' so early. chorus

As performed on the recording:
Bedlam Boys

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