1. We Be Three Poor Singers
  2. Since First I Saw Your Face
  3. Childgrove
  4. The Rose of Tralee
  5. Endearing Young Charms
  6. Here's To The Maiden
  7. Winged Jigs
  8. A La Una
  9. Kitty O'Toole
  10. The Rake of Bladivarius
  11. Jonny Jump Up
  12. I Don't Work For A Living
  13. Kesh Jig ala Maury
  14. Blow The Wind Southerly
  15. Beggars To God
Jim Hancock and Friends
"Songs Of Love and Other Silly Stuff"

Silly Songs mix with Sweet Songs and a few that fit in both categories. Enjoy Jim and his Friends' light-hearted stroll down Lovers' Lane.

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World Turned Upside Down tape cover  53k
Cover art from a batik painting by Cindy Dollard
Produced by Jim Hancock featuring
Empty Hats, Bob Bielefeld, As You Like It, Mike Finn and many others . . .
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