Jim Hancock and Friends


I call my group Jim Hancock & Friends because, wherever I play, I am lucky enough to have some of the most talented musicians in the world playing along (see Friends Pages for a list of some of these fine musical artists). My sets are a steady stream of singers, fiddlers, flute and hammered dulcimer players, all playing along. I showcase their talents at my sets, and they help fill out the sound of my songs. When I am not at a scheduled set, I will take my guitar, bass and/or mandolin around to other stages and in the lanes, to support my fellow musicians at their sets. Not only is this incredibly fun, but helps keep music flowing throughout every festival where I perform. At the end of each day, most festivals have some sort of "Pub Sing", where all the musicians gather to celebrate the day and send the patrons home with a smile. I have been privileged to act as host and help anchor the music at many of these events. To bring this all-inclusive, "music is fun" attitude to your festival, please contact me in one of these ways:

  • by email:
    link here
  • by regular mail at:
    Jim Hancock
    P.O. Box 4298
    Austin, TX 78765
  • or by phone at:

"If Music Be The Food Of Love, Play On" - Wm. Shakespeare
"I'm Hungry" - J. Hancock
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