While in Oregon, I was at a friend's house in Eugene during a windstorm. At one point, a limb broke off of the tall tree between the house and the street, hitting the house. We investigated by going out the back door and around the side of the house, mainly to make sure that the freshly filled heating oil tank had'nt been knocked over. Not only was that safe, the tree had struck the house at the strongest point, over the chimney, so there was minimal damage to the house. Scared inside by another large gust of wind, we were discussing the close call, my friend Josh stirring his dinner on the stove. Not thirty seconds had passed when we heard a combination of whump, crunch and blaring horn. We rushed to the front door, not knowing what to expect. What greeted us was a maple tree from across the street that had been more than a hundred years old, pulled up, roots and all. I was not able to leave the house until the wind died down, so these pictures are after dusk and with the emergency crews already started on cleanup, but you will see enough, I am sure . . . This is how close one of the largest limbs came to the van. Note the smaller limb lying behind the van after glancing off the top above the back left door.

big limb that missed 16k

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