Woodsong Bamboo Instruments
All Woodsong instruments are lovingly crafted from bamboo hand-selected and harvested by Woodsong craftspeople. The bamboo is then shaped by hand into the various instruments seen here. All work is done by hand, and all instruments are individually tuned. The instruments shown here include:

(call first for keys not listed)

Key Classification Price
C, high Student Model $24
G Professional Model $30
D, low Deluxe Model $38


Key   Price
E   $80
D   $120
C   $150

Lakota Love Flutes
(call first for keys not listed)

Key   Price
C, High   $34
G   $40
F   $42
D, Low   $48
C, Low   $50


Pan Pipes
Always call first

  Classification Price
  Pentatonic (1 octave = 6 tubes) $50
  Medium Dijeridoo (1 octave= 8 tubes) $70



  Classification Price
  Small Dijeridoo $45
  Medium Dijeridoo $65
  Large Dijeridoo $85